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ITC OASIS Points of Contact: 

OASIS Program Manager
Carl Canter, Vice President of Operations
937-252-2145 ext. 142

OASIS Contract
Joel K. Mehan, Chief Operating Officer
937-252-2145 ext. 106

ITC has the required capability and experience to effectively and efficiently perform all OASIS contract requirements.  ITC has a proven track record of successfully forming and managing both small and large contractor support Teams when additional resources and capability can help to reduce program execution risk.  Some OASIS areas of capability are:

Services Offered under OASIS Contract:

  • Program/ Project Management Support
  • Management Analyst Support
  • Test & Evaluation Management Support
  • Security Management Support
  • Configuration/ Data Management Support
  • Information Systems Analyst Support
  • Operations Research Analyst Support
  • Financial Management/ Comptroller Support
  • Communications/ Marketing/ PA Support
  • Technical Illustrator Support
  • Technical Writer Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Facilitator/ Training Support
  • Historical Archival Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Acquisition Logistics Support
  • Life-Cycle Logistics Support
  • Government Furnished Property Support
  • Manufacturing Quality Support
  • Procurement Specialist Support
  • Procurement Administrator Support
For detailed information please contact:
Ray Mang, Vice-President of Business Development
(937) 252-2145 ext. 107